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Guidelines for First Home Buyer and Foreigner Buyer available here.

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If you can’t save enough to buy one today, do you think you can do it in a few years time? Will you able to save enough downpayment or will your income increase faster than the house price? Find out how can you own your dream house with just very little or nearly ZERO downpayment TODAY.


Looking for property investment opportunity but don’t know where to start? We can share the secrets with you and show you the way.


Loan got rejected by various banks? We have a team of mortage experts who know how to help strengthening your financial profile and increasing your chances of approval exponentially!

Interest Paid

Are you aware that for any loan amount that you borrow from the bank, if you are paying it timely to the tenure of 30-35 years, by the end of the tenure, you are paying an additional interest of about 80-95% of the capital you borrow. So, how could you reduce the amount of interest incurred effectively?

Legal Procedures

Uncertain of how does the legal procedure work and how much does it cost? Check it out from us TODAY.

Talks & Events

We do organise and participate in property market outlook sharing, real estate investment strategy and related event sessions occasionally.


We love travelling and enjoy life to the fullest. Fully sponsored trip and intensive training for personal growth as well as career path enhancement are provided.

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We provide professional advice for your real estate investment.

About Me

My name is Sean Teo. I am a full time Real Estate Investment & Loan Consultant since year 2013. I help home owners to search for their dream homes and advise investors on how to manage their investment portfolio in order for them to maximise their return with the fund in hand. For the past several years, I have helped more than hundreds of clients to achieve their goals by assisting them and giving them professional advise on how to obtain their mortgage loan at the margin they wanted. If you know anyone who needs this, you are welcome to contact me for discussion.

I was a Mechanical Engineer working in the Oil & Gas industry in Singapore after my degree. In year 2013, I decided to leave the industry and ventured into real estate in the very end of that year. Long story short, it had never been easy for the past few years and I’m still working hard to pursue my dream. Everyone is asking me why did I leave my Singapore job while many people (not all) would like to earn SGD. To be honest, SGD is really attractive (at that point of time). However, I have something else to pursue and I would like to challenge myself for something new. Throughout these years, the real estate industry has given me all sorts of experiences and people from all walks of life have also taught me a lot, which shaped me into a different person today.

My team and I are focusing on new development projects (primary market) working closely with a list of branded reputable developers in Klang Valley, Malaysia. (WHY PRIMARY MARKET? Contact us and we will share more with you) We do our best to help home buyer especially the younger generation who struggles to get his or her dream home. People always ask “when is the right time to purchase a property”, our answer is NOW, NOW, and NOW! You can never have the right time to buy a property. Whenever you are ready, IT IS THE RIGHT TIME. This is because the longer you keep your money in bank, the little it becomes.

Either you are looking to own a house for yourself in order to provide your family a better living environment or you are a seasoned investor who is continuously building up your real estate portfolio, you are most welcome to approach us and we can share our thoughts and views together. There is no right or wrong in views and opinions. Life is all about learning and sharing.

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